Michael Keefer: Writings 1980-2017

Items are listed for each year in the following sequence: books, chapters in books, refereed articles, reviews, unrefereed articles, journalism. Articles published for the first time on my website are listed under the year in which they were written. Public lectures or interviews published on my website are listed in a similar manner; the occasion and date of their first presentation are indicated.

Secondary entries in reduced font size identify orally delivered texts which are not provided on my website either in video or transcript form. Conference presentations are followed in descending order by invited lectures, panel presentations, and interviews. (Some of these papers were subsequently published in scholarly journals or as book chapters and are listed accordingly.)  


‘This Fatal Mirror’: Marlowe’s ‘Doctor Faustus’, the Legend and the Context. Ann Arbor: University Microfilms International, 1980. University Microfilms order no. 8137448. Thesis (Ph.D.)—University of Sussex, 1980. AMICUS (Canadian National Catalogue) No. 4609190. Numbers: Canadiana: 840229550. Classification: Dewey: 820 19.

“Magic Circle and Celestial Macrocosm: The Structure of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus.”  (Previously unpublished.) 


“Formal Closure and Catharsis in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus.” Revue de l'Université Sainte-Anne (1981): 12-15.


“Le Dieu de Calvin et le langage du destin et de la fortune dans la tragédie de la Renaissance française.” Revue de l'Université Sainte-Anne (1982): 8-18.

“Frye's Bible and Postlapsarian Syntax.”  (Previously unpublished.)

“Faustus and Helen: Poetry and Spiritual Fornication.” Séminaires de travaux-en-cours, Université Sainte-Anne, 22 September 1982. 


“Verbal Magic and the Problem of the A and B Texts of Doctor Faustus.” Journal of English and Germanic Philology 82.3 (July 1983): 324-346.  (Available online at JSTOR, http://www.jstor.org/stable/27709192, http://www.jstor.org/discover/10.2307/27709192?sid=21105563953811&uid=4&uid=3737720&uid=2&uid=3739448, and at CNRS: CAT.INIST, http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=12220323.) 

“‘The Order of Discovery’: Descartes, Faustus, and the Place of Literature in the Teaching of Philosophy.” 14th Atlantic Philosophical Association Conference, Université Sainte-Anne, 4-6 November 1983.


“Gorgias Redivivus: Sophistic Rhetoric and Propaganda.” 15th Atlantic Philosophical Association Conference, Acadia University, 26-28 October 1984.  (Previously unpublished.)

“For and Against the Moon: Responses to Deconstruction.” Symposium on Post-Structuralism, University of Ottawa, 10-13 May 1984. 

“Deconstruction and the Gnostics.” Association of Canadian University Teachers of English Conference, University of Guelph, 2-5 June 1984. [Revised version published in 1985 in University of Toronto Quarterly.]

“Cornelius Agrippa and the Confounding of Opposites.” Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies Conference, University of Guelph, 2-5 June 1984. Revised version read at the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Conference, Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado, 19-20 April 1985. [Full revised text published in 1988 in Renaissance Quarterly.]

“History and the Canon: The Case of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus.” Atlantic University Teachers of English Conference, Mount Saint Vincent University, 19-20 October 1984. [Revised version published in 1987 in University of Toronto Quarterly.]  


“Deconstruction and the Gnostics.” University of Toronto Quarterly 55.1 (1985): 74-93.  (Available online at http://www.utpjournals.metapress.com/content/b361p4117148r724/, and at CNRS: CAT.INIST, http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=12112574.)

“Renaissance Philosophy: Lost Origins.” Invited paper, Phoenix Society (Department of Philosophy), Mount Allison University, 15 February 1985.  Revised version read at the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies Conference, Université de Montréal, 2-5 June 1985.  (Previously unpublished.)

“Misleading antilogiké: A Response to James Murray’s ‘Disputation, Deception and Dialectic (Phaedrus 261-266)’.” 16th Atlantic Philosophical Association Conference, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, 3-5 October 1985.  (Previously unpublished.)

“Nicholas of Cusa and the Question of Origins in Renaissance Philosophy.” 16th Atlantic Philosophical Association Conference, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, 3-5 October 1985. 


“Misreading Faustus Misreading: The Question of Context.” The Dalhousie Review 65.4 (Winter 1985-86): 511-533.  (Available online at CNRS: CAT.INIST, http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=11779508.) 

Review of The Works of Thomas Vaughan, ed. Alan Rudrum.  English Studies in Canada 12.1 (1986): 108-114. 

Review of Lyric Poetry: Beyond New Criticism, ed. Chaviva Hosek and Patricia Parker.  University of Toronto Quarterly 56.1 (1986): 127-129. 

“Aspects of Shakespeare’s King Lear.” Séminaires de travaux-en-cours, Université Sainte-Anne, 20 March 1986.

“Accommodation and Synecdoche: Calvin’s God in King Lear.” Association of Canadian University Teachers of English Conference, University of Manitoba, 28-31 May 1986. [Revised version published in 1988 in Shakespeare Studies.]


Editor, Literature and Politics/Literary Politics. Special double issue of The Dalhousie Review 66.1-2 (Spring-Summer 1986): 1-227. “Introduction,” pp. 5-13. [Published in the spring of 1987.]   (“Introduction” available online at http://www.ojs.library.dal.ca/dalhousiereview/article/viewFile/dr6612keefer/2493.)

“History and the Canon: The Case of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus.” University of Toronto Quarterly 56.4 (Summer 1987): 498-522.  (Available online at CNRS: CAT.INIST, http://www.cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=11779506.)

Review of Shakespeare and the Question of Theory, ed. Patricia Parker and Geoffrey Hartman. University of Toronto Quarterly 57.1 (1987): 109-111. 

Review of Christopher Marlowe, Dr Faustus: The A-Text, ed. David Ormerod and Christopher Wortham. Journal of English and Germanic Philology 86.3 (1987): 402-404.  

“Right Eye and Left Heel: The Ideological Contexts of the Legend of Faustus.” Conference on CONTEXTS: The Interdisciplinary Study of Literature, University of Manitoba, 13-16 May 1987.  Revised version read to the Renaissance Seminar, University of Sussex, 25 October 1988. [Published in 1989 in Mosaic.] 


“Accommodation and Synecdoche: Calvin’s God in King Lear.” Shakespeare Studies 20 (1988): 147-168.  (Available online at “Morality: Critical Essay by Michael H. Keefer,” Book Rags, http://www.bookrags.com/criticism/morality-crit_13/.)

“Agrippa’s Dilemma: Hermetic ‘Rebirth’ and the Ambivalences of De vanitate and De occulta philosophia.” Renaissance Quarterly 41.4 (Winter 1988): 614-653.  (Available online at JSTOR, http://www.jstor.org/pss/2861884; awarded the Renaissance Society of America’s William Nelson Prize for the best article in Renaissance Quarterly.)

“The World Turned Inside Out: Revolutions of the Infinite Sphere from Hermes to Pascal.” Renaissance andReformation / Renaissance et Réforme 24.4 (1988): 303-313.  (Available online at “Full text of ‘Renaissance and Reformation, 1988’,” Internet Archive, http://www.archive.org/stream/renaissancerefor24victuoft/renaissancerefor24victuoftdjvu.txt.)

“The Subject of the Subject in Elizabethan Tragedy.” Association of Canadian University Teachers of English Conference, University of Windsor, 28-31 May 1988. Revised version read at the 5th Triennial Congress of the British Comparative Literature Association, University of Leicester, 3-6 July 1989.   (Previously unpublished.)

Review of Clifford Leech, Christopher Marlowe: Poet for the Stage, ed. Anne Lancashire. University of Toronto Quarterly 58.1 (1988): 108-110.  

“Strong Shapes.” Review of Milton Acorn, I Shout Love and other poems, ed. James Deahl; The Northern Red Oak: Poems for and about Milton Acorn, ed. James Deahl; Henry Beissel, Poems New and Selected; and The Malahat Review 78 (March 1987): Special Issue on George Johnston. Canadian Literature 119 (Winter 1988): 136-138.

“Herring guts in July.” Letter published in The Globe and Mail (23 April 1988): D7.

“Bent Axles of Devotion: Transgression and Legitimation in the Legends of Simon Magus and Faustus.” Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies Conference, University of Windsor, 28-30 May 1988.

“The Dreamer’s Path: Hermetic Rhetoric and Cartesian Rationality.” Conference of the Canadian Society for Hermeneutics and Post-Modern Thought, University of Windsor, 29-30 May 1988. 

“The Textual Problem in Doctor Faustus.” 2nd International Marlowe Conference, Oxford, 15-19 August 1988. 

“Ideological Origins of the Legend of Faustus.” Paper read to the Renaissance Seminar, University of Sussex,  25 October 1988.


“Right Eye and Left Heel: Ideological Origins of the Legend of Faustus.” Mosaic 22.2 (Spring 1989): 79-94.  (Available online at CNRS: CAT.INIST, http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=11786710.)

“For and Against the Moon” [on Derrida]. English Studies in Canada 15.3 (September 1989): 305-318. 

“Postmodernism.” Review of Stanley Fogel, The Postmodern University; John Fekete, ed., Life After Postmodernism; and Arthur Kroker and David Cook, The Postmodern Scene. Canadian Literature 120 (Spring 1989): 225-227. 

“Self-Image and Spectacle in Tamburlaine and Doctor Faustus.” XXXII Colloque du Centre d'études supérieures de la Renaissance, Université de Tours, France, 29 June-8 July 1989. [Published in 1993 in the conference proceedings.]

“The Shakespearean Text, or, ‘the text is foolish’.” Visiting Research Fellow’s invited lecture, University of Sussex, 3 May 1989.


“Mars and the Carthaginians (Doctor Faustus, Prologue, line 2).” Cahiers Élizabéthains 38 (October 1990): 62-65. 

“The Minister for Indian Affairs and the Oka Crisis.” Letter to the Hon. Thomas Siddon, Minister for Indian Affairs, and others (24 July 1990).  (Previously unpublished.)

“Editing Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus.” Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies Conference, University of Victoria, 21-23 May 1990.


Editor, Christopher Marlowe's “Doctor Faustus”: a 1604-version edition. Peterborough, Ont., and Lewiston, N.Y.: Broadview Press, 1991.  xcii + 211 pp. Second printing, with revisions, 1993; reprinted 1995, 2002.  (Reviewed in The Dalhousie Review, Marlowe Society of America Book Reviews, Studies in English Literature, English Studies, Review of English Studies, Text: Transactions of the Society for Textual Scholarship, and Bibliothèque d’humanisme et renaissance.) 

“Agrippa.” In The Spenser Encyclopedia, ed. A.C. Hamilton et al. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1991. 10-11. 

“Political Correctness.” Canadian Federation for the Humanities Bulletin 14.2 (Summer 1991): 7-8.  

Review of Christina Luckyj, A Winter’s Snake: Dramatic Form in the Tragedies of John Webster. University of Toronto Quarterly 61.1 (Fall 1991): 129-130.

“Gulf War 1991: Canada's Involvement.” Letter to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (26 February 1991).  (Previously unpublished.)

“Ray Conlogue's Apocalyptic Reveries.” Letter to The Globe and Mail (12 June 1991).  (Previously unpublished.)

“Tensions exist but Maclean’s article not acceptable account of developments.” Letter, University Affairs/Affaires Universitaires (August/September 1991): 19.

“‘Impotent Speech’: Transgression and Abjection in Thomas Nashe’s The Unfortunate Traveller.” Conference on English Renaissance Prose, Purdue University, 11-12 October 1991. Longer version delivered as an invited lecture at the University of Alberta (22 November 1991), at the University of Oviedo, Spain (20 February 1992), and at the University of Victoria (6 March 1992).


“Ellis on Deconstruction: A Second Opinion.” English Studies in Canada 18.1 (March 1992): 83-103.  

“'Political Correctness’: An Annotated List of Readings.” ACCUTE Newsletter, Supplement on the “Political Correctness” Controversy (March 1992): 2-13. [Expanded version published in Philosophy and Social Action 19 (1993).] 

“'Outside Agitators': Who's Paying for What?” ACCUTENewsletter, Supplement on the “Political Correctness”Controversy (March 1992): 14-16.  (Reprinted in CAUT / ACPU Bulletin [September 1992]: 4.) 

“The 1992 CACE/ACCUTE Workload Survey: A Preliminary Report.” ACCUTE Newsletter (September 1992): 2-8. 

“The Research Council Merger: Cause for Concern.” ACCUTE Newsletter (December 1992): 2-6. 

“Raising the Dead.” Work-in-Progress Seminar, Department of English, University of Guelph, 10 November 1992.

Review of Hilary Gatti, The Renaissance Drama of Knowledge: Giordano Bruno in England. Sidney Newsletter & Journal 12.1 (1992): 55-56.

“President’s Column.” ACCUTE Newsletter (September 1992): 13.

“A Response to Kim Ian Michasiw.” ACCUTE Newsletter (December 1992): 9.

“President’s Column: New Directions in English Studies in Canada.” ACCUTE Newsletter (December 1992): 11.

“Cheap shots.”  Letter, The Globe and Mail (9 June 1992). 

“Transgressive Orthodoxies: Faust in the Sixteenth Century.” Invited Plenary Address, III Congreso Internacional SEDERI (Sociedad Española de Estudios Renacentistas Ingleses), University of Granada, Spain, 24-26 February 1992.

“The Textual Politics of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus.” Invited paper, University of Léon, Spain, 21 February 1992. 

Interviewed by Christopher Thomas, CBC Radio Noon (on the issue of the Cruickston Park Farm property donated to the University of Guelph by Matthew Wilks Keefer), 10 September 1992.


“Self-Image and Spectacle in Tamburlaine and Doctor Faustus.” In Spectacle et image dans l'Europe de la Renaissance, ed. André Lascombes. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1993.  109-34.

“’Outside Agitators,’ Inside Activists: Who’s Paying for What?” Philosophy and Social Action 19.1-2 (January-June 1993): 18-23. 

“’Political Correctness’: An Annotated List of Readings.” Philosophy and Social Action 19.1-2 (January-June 1993): 85-109.

“‘PC’ and Privatization.” Invited, Finding Our Way: Public Forum on Universities, Corporate Influence and the Future of Post-Secondary Education, University of Guelph, 22 October 1993.  (Previously unpublished.) 

Review of Michael Bristol, Shakespeare's America, America's Shakespeare. English Studies in Canada 19.4 (December 1993): 497-500.

“A Response to Peter Allen.” ACCUTE Newsletter (March 1993): 4-5.

“A Lobbyist’s Report: On the One Hand, or On Both.” ACCUTE Newsletter (March 1993): 10-11.

“President’s Column.” ACCUTE Newsletter (June 1993): 2-3.

“President’s Report.” ACCUTE Conference 1993: Annual Reports and Agenda for the Annual General Meeting (May 1993): 6-8.  Reprinted in ACCUTE Directory 1993 (June 1993): 44-45.

“Report of the ACCUTE Representative to the Canadian Federation for the Humanities.” ACCUTE Directory 1993 (June 1993): 45.

“President’s Column: Election Fever.” ACCUTE Newsletter (September 1993): 3-5.

“President’s Column.” ACCUTE Newsletter (December 1993): 2-4.

“Merger law unnecessary.” Letter published in At Guelph (3 February 1993): 2.

“Prof prepares dissenting report on plans for Cruickston Park Farm.” Letter, At Guelph (21 April 1993): 2.

“Wrong Again: Literary Theory, Political Correctness.” Invited, Walter S. Avis Memorial Lecture, Royal Military College of Canada, 21 March 1993. 

“Text, Apparatus, History.” Invited paper, Waterloo Conference on Elizabethan Theatre, University of Waterloo, 24-27 July 1993. [Published in 2002 in conference proceedings.] 

“Cruickston Park: Past and Future.” Invited lecture, with J. N. Hamilton, to Heritage Cambridge, 18 February 1993.

“Understanding ‘Political Correctness’.” Invited paper, Università di Udine, Italy, May 1993. 

“The Application of Thought to Textual Criticism.” Work in Progress Seminar, Department of English, University of Guelph, 21 October 1993. 

Interviewed by CKCO Television (on the issue of Cruickston Park Farm), 10 July 1993.


“Strategies of Dissemination: Strange News from SSHRCC.” ACCUTE Newsletter (March 1994): 2-8. 

“Producing Abjection: Subjectivity and Enslavement in Marlowe's Tamburlaine.” Shakespeare Association of America Conference, Albuquerque, 14-16 April 1994. Also presented at a Work in Progress Seminar, Department of English, University of Guelph, 29 March 1994.  (Previously unpublished.)

“Employment Prospects in English Studies: the 1994 ACCUTE Demographics Survey.” ACCUTE Newsletter (June 1994): 17-26.

“President’s Column.” ACCUTE Newsletter (March 1994): 10.

“President’s Column.” ACCUTE Newsletter (June 1994): 29-30.

“President’s Report.” ACCUTE Conference 1994: Conference Programme / Who’s Who / Annual Reports (June 1994): 39-40.  Reprinted in ACCUTE Directory 1994 (June 1994): 47-48.

“Report of the ACCUTE Representative to the CFH.”  ACCUTE Conference 1994 / Who’s Who Annual Reports (June 1994): 43-45. Reprinted in ACCUTE Directory 1994 (June 1994): 50-51.

“The Truth Down on the Farm.” Letter, The Ontarion (18-24 October, 1994): 4. 

“Student Demographics/Employment Demographics.” Invited paper, Conference on The Future of Canadian Graduate Studies in English: Ethics and Goals, University of Alberta, 1 June 1994.


“Humanism, Theory, the Humanities: The (Dis)function of Criticism at the Present Time.” Invited paper, Calgary Humanities Institute Research Network on the Justification of the Humanities, University of Calgary, 10-11 March 1995.  (Previously unpublished.)

Review of John Fekete, Moral Panic: Biopolitics Rising. English Studies in Canada 21.3 (September 1995): 347-353.

“Universities quietly tipped.” Letter, The Toronto Star (27 September 1995): A22.

Panelist with David Knight and Marta Rohatynskyj, Round Table on “Research and Scholarship in Cultural Studies.” Beyond Disciplines: A College of Arts Colloquium (18 January-10 February 1995), University of Guelph, 27 January 1995. 

 “Academic Freedom and Harassment Issues.” Invited paper, Panel on Refusing Collusion with Racial and Gender Harassment, University of Guelph, 28 September 1995.

Interviewed by Rogers Cable Television (on the issue of Cruickston Park Farm), 17 January 1995.


Lunar Perspectives: Field Notes from the Culture Wars. Toronto: House of Anansi Press, 1996.  x + 246 pp.  (Reviewed in The Ottawa Citizen, The Globe and Mail, Quill & Quire, The Vancouver Sun, Saint John Telegraph-Journal, The Core, Books in Canada, Canadian Book Review Annual, and University of Toronto Quarterly.)  

“The Dreamer’s Path: Descartes and the Sixteenth Century.” Renaissance Quarterly 49 (1996): 30-76.  (Available online at JSTOR, http://www.jstor.org/pss/2863264; also reproduced online by Questia Online Library (2004), http://www.questia.com/Pmqst?a=o&d=5001632025; by HighBeam Research (2004), http://www.highbeam.com/library; by The Free Library, http://www.thefreelibrary.com/The+Dreamer’s+Path:+Descartes+and+the+Sixteenth+Century-a018321372; and by BNET Reference Publications, http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_hb3394/is_n1_v49/ai_n28668563.)

“The Function of Criticism at the Present Time.” Invited paper, Panel on English Studies at the End of the Millennium, in the Symposium Is There a Future for English Studies?  York University, 1 February 1996.  (Previously unpublished.)

“Blood for the Ghosts.” Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English Conference.  Brock University, 23-26 May 1996.  (Previously unpublished.)

“Hot Button Academic Politics.” Review of Peter C. Emberley, Zero Tolerance: Hot Button Politics in Canada's Universities. The Toronto Star, 24 September 1996. 

Review of John Henry Jones. ed. The English Faust Book: a critical edition based on the text of 1592. Essays in Theatre, 15.1 (November 1996): 108-110. 

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“Orange Groves and Drrradio Clásica: Home Thoughts from Andalusia.”  (Previously unpublished.)

Reading from Lunar Perspectives: Field Notes from the Culture Wars, with introductory remarks on the political correctness debate. Freedom to Read Week, The Bookshelf, 41 Quebec Street, Guelph, 25 February 1996.  (Previously unpublished.)

“Letter to John Godfrey, MP” (27 July 1996).  (Previously unpublished.)

 “The Dreamer’s Path: Descartes and the Sixteenth Century.” Centre for Cultural Studies Occasional Lecture, University of Guelph, 11 March 1996. [Full text published in 1996 in Renaissance Quarterly.]

“‘Inter inextricabiles ... difficultatum tenebras’’: Ficino’s Pimander and the Gendering of Cartesian Subjectivity.” Canadian Association for Renaissance Studies Conference.  Brock University, 26-28 May 1996. [Published in 1998 in Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme.] 

“Has ‘Political Correctness’ Around Sexual Issues Gone Too Far? / Has Respect for Human Difference and Human Rights Gone Too Far?” Invited paper, 18th Annual Guelph Conference and Training Institute on Sexuality, 17-19 June 1996.  

University Club Reading from Lunar Perspectives (together with Janice Kulyk Keefer reading from The Green Library), Department of English, University of Guelph, 23 April 1996.

Interviewed about Lunar Perspectives on CBC TV Newsworld (“Face-Off,” a 25-minute program) by Judy Rebick and Clare Hoy, 28 March 1996.

Interviewed about Lunar Perspectives on CKCO TV (Kitchener-Waterloo), 2 April 1996.

Interviewed about Lunar Perspectives by Andy Hochman, Wireless Flash, San Diego, 8 April 1996.


Review of William Empson, Essays on Renaissance Literature, Volume One: Donne and the New Philosophy. Ed. John Haffenden. Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme 21.1 (Winter 1997): 65-67.  (Available online at https://jps-library-utoronto-ca.subzero.lib,uoguelph.ca/index.php/renref/article/viewFile/11326/ 8233.)    

“Manichaean Labelling” (response to Joseph Knippenberg, “Cold Comfort U”: review of Lunar Perspectives, in Books in Canada 26 [February 1997]).  (Available online at http://www.booksincanada.com/article_view.asp?id=1015.)  

“Bodies, Power, and the Gendering of Abjection in Nashe’s The Unfortunate Traveller.” Conference on Comparative Critical Approaches to English Prose Fiction 1520-1640.  Carleton University, 8-11 May 1997. [Published in 1988 in conference proceedings.]

“Ideology, Culture, and Critical Resistance: The Right-Wing Attack on Post-Secondary Education.” Education as Liberation, New Socialist Group day school, Matrix Community Centre, Guelph, 21 November 1997.


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“Nashe’s Unfortunate Traveller as an Anatomy of Abjection.” Invited lecture, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies/ The Toronto Renaissance and Reformation Colloquium, University of Toronto, 1 April 1998. 

“Violence and Abjection in Nashe’s Unfortunate Traveller.” Centre for Cultural Studies Occasional Lecture, University of Guelph, 19 March 1998.

Interviewed by Fergus Cable Television (on the Eden Mills Bowstring Bridge ), 15 May 1998.

Interviewed (en français) by Guy Marchand for the first two parts of a 13-part Radio Canada series on La Légende de Faust, June 1998.  (Series broadcast in Fall 1998).


“Ontario’s Heritage at Risk: The Case of the Eden Mills Bowstring Bridge”  / “Patrimoine ontarien en danger: affaire du pont bowstring d'Eden Mills.” Heritage: The Magazine of the Heritage Canada Foundation / Patrimoine: le magazine de la Fondation Héritage 2.2 (Spring / Printemps 1999): 13-15. 

“The Chomsky Nomination: A Response.” Letter, The Ontarion (9 February 1999).

“Faking it: The Myth of Faustus.” Myth-Making: 6th Annual Symposium of the Guelph Classics Association, University of Guelph, 26-27 February 1999.

Invited panelist, Round table on Guy Poirier, L’homosexualité dans l’imaginaire de la Renaissance (Paris: Champion, 1996), Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies Conference, Université de Sherbrooke/Bishop’s University, 3-5 June 1999.


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“Cruickston Park Must Remain in Public Hands.” Letter, At Guelph (16 February 2000): 4-5.

“Critical Humanism in the Postnational University: The Canadian Case.” Conference on Italy and Canadian Culture: Nationalisms in the New Millennium, University of Udine, 18-20 May 2000. 

"The Corporatist Revolution in Canada: Humanist Strategies of Resistance." Invited lecture, Miedzywydzialowy Zaklad Studiow Amerykanskich, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, 18 April 2000. 

“Subjectivity and Abjection in Renaissance Tragedy.”  Invited lecture, Institute of English and American Studies, József Attila University, Szeged (Hungary), 25 April 2000. 

“The Culture War: Questions of Canon Formation in the 1990s.”  Invited lecture, Institute of English and American Studies, József Attila University, Szeged, 26 April 2000.


“Revolution Inc.” The Ontarion 134.13 (12 April-2 May 2001): 5. 

Shakespeare’s Dog and Intertextuality.” Invited Lecture, Departamento de Filología Anglogermánica y Francesa, Universidad de Oviedo (Spain), 8 October 2001.


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“Silenced Dissent: Four Short Texts on Israel/Palestine.”  (Previously unpublished.)

“‘Fairer than the evening air’: Marlowe’s Gnostic Helen of Troy and the Tropes of Belatedness and Historical Mediation.” Conference on The Fall of Troy in the Renaissance Imagination, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Victoria University in the University of Toronto, 4-5 October 2002. Revised version presented at the Faculty Research Colloquium of the Joint PhD Program in Literary Studies/Theatre Studies in English, Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Guelph, MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, University of Guelph, 28 March 2003. [Published in 2004 in conference proceedings.]


Text of my 1991 edition of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus reproduced in Jennifer Wise and Craig S. Walker, eds., The Broadview Anthology of Drama, vol. 1. Peterborough: Broadview Press, 2003. 

War Against Iraq: Critical Resources. This anthology of excerpts from recent publications on the Iraq crisis and related issues, accompanied by critical and explanatory commentary, was first circulated by email, then (on February 25) posted at http://www.uoguelph.ca/~mkeefer. The anthology was published at two websites in the US. In its final form (April 6, 2003), the anthology is 99 pages in length.

“Damnation by Displacement: Contributions to the Legend of Faustus by Luther, Melanchthon and Johannes Wier.” Central Renaissance Conference, University of Kansas, Lawrence, 19-20 September 2003.

“Theory and Practice of (Early Modern) Terrorism.” Invited lecture, Early Modern Discussion Group (Graduate Department of History), Gerald Larkin Building, University of Toronto, 30 January 2003. 

"War Crimes in Iraq." Public lecture, University of Guelph, 13 February 2003. 

“No to War: Categorical, Resounding, Definitive, Worldwide.” Public lecture, Anti-War Teach-In, University of Guelph, 8 March 2003. (Excerpts published in The Peak, vol. 337, issue 5 (24 March 2003): 14-15.)

“Peace and War: Critical Resources.” Invited lecture, Guelph chapter of The Council of Canadians, Dublin Street United Church, Guelph, 25 March 2003.

Invited panelist, with Ernie Regehr and Sunil Ram, on “The War in Iraq,” Politically Speaking, moderated by Tim Mau, Rogers Cable Television (Guelph), 7:00-8:00 p.m. EST, 3 April 2003.

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“The Drift Towards Genocide in Palestine.” Invited talk, Don Heights Unitarian Congregation, 18 Wynford Drive, Toronto (14 June 2015). 

“Palestinians Are Not Alone.” Invited talk for the eve of Al-Quds Day 2015, CASMO (Canadian Shia Muslims Organization), in conjunction with the Annual CASMO Iftaar Dinner, Toronto (10 July 2015).

“Canada's Big Terrorist Tent.” Interview with Ann Garrison on the Harper government's Anti-Terrorism Act, KPFA Pacifica News, FM 94.1 (14 March 2015), audio and transcript available at http://www.anngarrison.com/audio/2015/03/14/557/canadas-big-terrorist-tent. The interview and transcript were also published at Ann Garrison, “A terrorist under every bed in Canada,” San Francisco Bay View: National Black Newspaper (16 March 2015), http://sfbayview.com/2015/03/a-terrorist-under-every-bed-in-canada/.